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Property Management Insights with Aaron Raj

By Therese Bolin

How is the Upper North Shore rental market performing?

The rental market is performing well, and it seems we have avoided the vacancy rates and rent reductions of other areas of Sydney such as the inner city, those with significant levels of high-density housing and areas around universities.

We are finding that the low stock levels have created some competition for rental properties, especially family homes and in turn, rental returns have steadied and in some cases, had a slight increase. Tenants are still attracted to the area for the lifestyle, excellent schooling options and in particular, family-friendly properties that are in the catchment areas for highly regarded schools.

Where do I start if I want to lease my property?

Firstly, do some research on the local agencies in the area, check their digital profile and reviews from landlords and tenants. Agencies who are busy in sales also tend to have active Property Management departments as the two work collaboratively.

Request a meeting with the Property Manager to access your home, so you can discuss your requirements and get a feel for the service they provide. An experienced Property Manager will advise you on any improvements that can be made to your property to help achieve the highest rental return, and help you with trades to achieve this.

Importantly, they will advise you on any legislative requirements you’ll need to complete to get your property onto the rental market; such as smoke alarms, pool fence and water usage compliance.

Top tips for landlords?

Professional photos and a floorplan go a long way in leasing your property promptly and attracting quality tenants, this seems obvious; however, some agencies do try to get away with iPhone photos!

Once leased, keep on top of all repairs and maintenance, this reduces vacancy rates and protects your property.
Top tips for tenants?

Have your paperwork, documents and references in order, find out exactly what the Property Manager needs and have that ready to go, in writing.
A cover letter can also be helpful for landlords, introducing yourself and your current situation and putting a personality to your application.
What is the Ray White Upper North Shore difference?

You’ll get personalised, bespoke service from our Property Management team. The person you meet when you list the property is with you during the management of your property.
We have a robust portfolio but are not overloaded; you won’t get lost in the crowd or become a number. Our Property Management team is centralised in our Turramurra office; your property is managed in-house, with no offshore outsourcing.
Aaron Raj is Head of Property Management, for any advice please contact Aaron on 0411 435 865 or
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